About Us

Mission Statement of the Western Piedmont Symphony

Western Piedmont Symphony’s mission is to provide musical performances of distinction that enrich and enliven the community’s classical music experience; and to nourish new audiences through school concerts and family outreach programs.

For 56 years the Western Piedmont Symphony has accomplished our mission by providing exceptional classical music with a wide variety of classically trained guest artists which are accompanied by highly trained and talented orchestra members.
From the very beginning, Western Piedmont Symphony has provided music and music education to the very young and the young at heart.  Thousands upon thousands of children throughout the years remember their first taste of the classics at an in-school concert sponsored by WPS.
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In recent days, the Western Piedmont Symphony has been grieving for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery who have suffered and died due to systemic racism, bigotry, and hatred in our country. We are deeply saddened by these unimaginable tragedies and we recognize the pain, anguish, and fear that members of the African American community have endured. We stand with you. As leaders in the arts, we are called to promote uplifting experiences that celebrate a shared humanity through music. We want to state unequivocally that hate and racism have no place in our organization or community. 

For our path forward, the Western Piedmont Symphony will redouble our efforts to make sure that everyone feels welcome in our arts community. Music Director Matthew Troy states, "I feel that great symphonic music belongs to everyone and has a unique ability to touch us all. We want to make sure that all of our concerts, events, and online content are representative of our community, but also of the many different cultures that have contributed to the tradition of orchestral music. Where we may have failed in the past, we are actively taking steps to do better."

We sincerely hope that we all use this moment for reflection, but also to move forward to create meaningful and significant change. While we welcome a robust difference of opinions and perspectives we will be unified by our efforts of inclusivity and great music for ALL.

The Western Piedmont Symphony is committed to the lofty goal of bringing our community together through music and we welcome you on our journey to brighter days ahead.

Submitted by: Matthew Troy, Music Director; Ingrid Keller, Executive Director; and WPS Board of Directors