2021-2022 Season Sponsors

Corporate support has always been and will continue to be the backbone of our success. We would like to thank all our corporate sponsors for their support. For more information contact our staff or use the donation button below!

2021-2022 Annual Fund Contributions

President's Circle

W.S. & Nan Fanjoy Charitable Remainder Trust
North Carolina Arts Council
United Arts Council Of Catawba County


City of Hickory
Mr. David K. Millholland
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Shuford
Shurtape Technologies, LLC
Vanguard Furniture

Golden Baton

Beaver Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Jeff Behmer and Mrs. Angela Beaver Simmons
In Honor of Ingrid Keller & Maestro Matthew Troy
Corning Incorporated Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. George Clay
In Memory of Larry Freiman
Hon. and Mrs. Forrest Ferrell
In Memory of Larry Freiman
Mrs. Barbara Freiman
Frye Regional Medical Center
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd L. George
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grell
In Memory of Larry Freiman
Kenneth K. Millholland and Suzanne G. Millholland
Endowment Fund
North Carolina Community Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Young
In Memory of Helen Devlin
Vanguard Furniture
Von Drehle Corporation

Conductor's Circle

Mr. and Mrs. C. Shuford Abernethy
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Aiello
Broyhill Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grell
Dr. Robert Fisher and Dr. Ann Joslyn
Ms. Catherine McDaniel
Drs. Gary and Karen McDougal
In Honor of Matt, Ingrid, Chris, Dillon,
Helena, and Dona (WPS Staff)
Dr. and Mrs. Dale Menard
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Nelson
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Of Hickory, NC., Inc
Mr. Michael Roper
In Honor of Beethoven’s 250th Birthday
Stevens Family Foundation, Inc.


Cargo Transporters
Catawba Valley Camera Club
Chapel Of Rest Preservation
Society, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Chatham
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fogleman
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Foster
Dr. and Mrs. John Francis
George Foundation Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Gerrard, Sr.
Ms. Elizabeth Hage
In Memory of George John Hage Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Isenhour
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kramer Jr.
In Honor of Theodore and Estelle Kramer
Ms. Betty Long
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meek
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Neilly
In Honor of the Orchestra &
In Memory of Larry Freiman
Ms. Katherine S. Newton
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Stevens
In Memory of Larry Freiman
& In Memory of James Graeber
Ms. Cheryl Stutzman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Tosky
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Underdown
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Warren
Ms. Madeline Walle
In Honor of Ingrid Keller &
In Honor of Judith Ivester
Mr. and Mrs. Jack West


Dr. W. Gerald Cochran & Mr. Timothy D. Gudger
Mr. John Coffey
Ms. Anita Creekmore
Mr. Thomas Devlin
In Memory of Helen Devlin
Dr. Donepudi and Mrs. Lindsay
Mr. Andrew K. Straw and Ms. Anita Doran
In Honor of Greg Knight
Dr. and Mrs. John K. Earl
In Honor of Sally Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Esch
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Geitner
Drs. Edward Gerrard Jr. and Bethany Bergamo
The Gold Mine
Dr. and Mrs. James Goodwin
Graystone Eye
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Greenwell
Mr. and Mrs. John Hall
In Honor of Greg Knight
Dr. and Mrs. J. Woodrow Harris
In Honor of Dale Menard & RJ Wohlman
Mr. Michael Jenkins and Ms. Tricia Hayes
Hickory Kiwanis Club
In Memory of Helen Devlin
Mr. and Mrs. Lutz Keller
In Memory of Zona D. Weaver
& In Honor of Beethoven’s 250th Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lael
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Livingston
Dr. and Mrs. Gregg Marland
Mr. and Mrs. Allister Morris
Ms. Carol Schuele Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Ross
In Memory of Dr. John Edward Shanahan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Seaver
In Memory of Shirrelene Turner Seaver & Charles and Shirley Winkler Dula
Ms. Emma Sellers
Mrs. Pauline H. Shook
Mrs. Mickey Shuford
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Donny Teague
Mr. John D. Teeter
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Thomas Jr.
Mr. Matthew Troy and Ms. Angela Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Troy
Mr. and Mrs. Norton Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warmuth
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
In Honor of Greg Knight


Mr. and Mrs. John Bray
Blue Ridge Energy
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Bush Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cartee
Century Furniture
Ray Combs
Mr. and Mrs. David Cook
In Memory of Paulette Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Cramer
Jennie and Tony Deal
Mr. David E. Eidson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Eller
In Memory of David Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Estepan
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ester
Mrs. Ann Gaither
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Glasheen
Mrs. Dianne Graeber
In Memory of James L Graeber
Dr. David Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ivester
Mr. and Mrs. Lothar Keller
In Honor of Ingrid Keller
Ms. Ingrid Keller
In Honor of our Board of Directors
David and Cathy Lail
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Lail
Cynthia and William Lawing
Ms. Betty P. Lohr
Dr. Laura Luckadoo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Momier
Mr. and Mrs. David Moore
Mr. John Bowen and Ms. Nancy Morgan
In Memory of Richard Norment
Mrs. Katharyn Portwood
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sain
Mr. and Mrs. David Schmidt
Dr. and Mrs. Werner F. Schulz
Mr. Steve Neuville and Ms. Jane Shuler
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
In Honor of New Family Members & Thelma Rast
Mrs. Marietta T. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Snyder
Dr. and Mrs. Otto Szentesi
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Trick


Mr. Charles Adair
Mr. Donald Alm
In Honor of Paige West-Smith
Mr. David Anderson
In Memory of Bonnie S. Anderson
Ms. Rose Archer
Mr. Steve Austin and Mr. Jeff Mingus
In Honor of Matthew Troy & In Memory of Chizzy
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Barnes
Mrs. Evelyn Beam
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bechtel
Ms. Therese Berry
Mr. Bernard Boatwright and Mr. and Mrs. James Bolton
Mr. Stan Bolton
Mrs. Sue Bormuth
Mrs. Helen Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. James Brownell
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Bujold
In Memory of Paul Wise
Burke Primary Care
Mr. Buzz Buskirk
In Honor of Emmalyn Grace Buskirk
Mr. and Mrs. Tod Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Canerday
In Honor of Charlie & Paige West-Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coley
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Crouch
In Honor of Barbara Freiman & In Memory of Larry Freiman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cumming
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dagenhardt
In Honor of Greg Knight
Mrs. Carol de Perczel
In Memory of John de Perczel
Mr. and Mrs. David Elske-Leonetti
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Filip
Ms. Paula S. Finegan
Mrs. Anne Francis Bayless
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frank
Mr. Alex Frick
Mr. Bo Hughes and Ms. Carol Frye
Katie Fucito
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gachet
In Honor of Rev. Karla Woggon & Ascension Staff
Mr. William Garrard
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Garvey
Mr. and Mrs. William Gettys
In Honor of Ingrid Keller
Mr. and Mrs. William Gruman
Ms. Deborah Hage
John Hickman

Autry Hill Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Horvath
Carolyn Howard
Ms. Rachel Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Karslake
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kelty
Danny Kerr
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Kiser
Mr. and Mrs. Landon Lane
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Long
In Honor of Gary and Karen McDougal
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Mauney
Pamela McCoy
In Honor of Charles Smith
Mrs. Marjorie McDaniel
In Memory of Michael C.D. McDaniel
Dr. and Mrs. Norman McDonald
Dr. and Mrs. Mark McGinnis
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Mullen
Mr. Lynn Nash and Ms. Katie Dejarnette
Mrs. Catherine Norris
In Memory of Jeff L. Norris
Ms. Dorothy Obst
In Memory of Larry Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Ochoa
Mrs. Carolyn Offill
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Okopny
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Pagels
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Paradine
Mr. John Parham
Tom Philbrick
Mr. and Mrs. William Pleasant
Lewis Propst II
Ms. Betty Purcell
Mrs. Pat Rice
In Honor of Ryan Luhrs
Mr. and Mrs. Kent F. Riddle
Mr. and Mrs. Don Santman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schonberg
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Shattuck
Rev. and Mrs. Bob Shoffner
Mrs. Martha Shumate
In Memory of Samuel Shumate
Small & Martin Orthodontics
Mr. George Snow & Ms. Nancy Hartsell
Mr. Thomas Spiggle
Dr. Bob Boyd and Dr. Sarb Sran
Scott Starin
St. Andrews Anglican Church
Mrs. Loretta Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tanzie
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tarlton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tashijian
Ms. Mary Texer
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Treadaway
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Trent
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Vollinger
Mr. and Mrs. John Wade, II
Mr. Richard Wagman
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Winders George Wise
Mr. Paul Wise
In Memory of Margaret R. Wise
Mrs. Ruby Wyly
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Young
In Memory of Sue and Ken Millholland
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Yount


Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Alderman
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Alexander
Ms. Deborah Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Buford Barnett
Mrs. Molly Barrett
Ms. Tina Batson
Mr. John Beasley
In Honor of Dr. A. Edward Nussbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Beerbower
Mr. Fred Beilfuss
Mr. Richard Benedum
In Memory of Kate Ritchie
Dr. and Mrs. Luke Benton
Mr. Trey Blackwood
Mr. and Mrs. David Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boudreault
Mr. and Mrs. Don Campbell
Ms. Priscilla Carney
Ms. Melanie Carreras
Mr. and Mrs. Tim P. Caudle
In Memory of Paulette Spencer Miller
Mr. Justin Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cline III
In Memory of Paulette Spencer Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Crane
Ms. Jeanne E. Dairaghi
Mr. Drew Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. James Darsie
Mr. Clell Davis
Ms. Angela Davis
Ms. Julia Deans
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Devries
Neui Duangta
Ms. Libby Dwyer
Ms. Wanda Foster
Ms. Rebecca Fox
Ms. Holly Freeman
Mr. Andy Freeman
Ms. Dana Fruits
Ms. Kim Gant
Mr. Donald Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert George
Mr. Mark Grigsby
Ms. Susan Guiney
Ms. Melinda Hager
Ms. Tracy Hall
Ms. Rebecca Hall
Mr. Richard Hull and Ms. Carol Hamilton
Dr. and Mrs. David Hardaway
Ms. Sandy Harris
Mr. Matthew Hedrick
Ms. Amelia Herb
Ms. Jenny Hines
Ms. Naomi Jane Hitchcock
Ms. Jeannie Hollar
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hooks
Mrs. Gail Iddings
Mr. Jackson Jeffries
Mr. Maynard V. Joplin
Ms. Marilyn Jordan
Ms. Sandra Jourdain
Ms. Leslie Kamtman
Mr. Lloyd Kent Kerley
Mrs. Patricia Laimon
Mr. Garrick Lane
Ms. Jennifer Lassiter
Ms. Nancy Lita
In Honor of Greg Knight
Ms. Ann Lowery
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Lucas
Mrs. Grace Ludtke
Mr. Ken Lurie
Mr. Mike Mays
Mr. Michael Melton
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Michael
In Honor of Gary and Karen McDougal
V.A. Miller
Mr. Bill Mixon
Mr. Nate Moody
Ms. Sarah Moore
Gene Moore
Mr. and Mrs. George Moretz
Ms. Faye Morgan
In Honor of John and Sally Ross
Ms. Lorraine Morlok
Ms. Anna Morris
Mr. Jeremy Norman
Ms. Lisbeth Northcott
Ms. Beth Osbahr
Ms. Meghan Parsons
In Honor of Matthew Troy
Ms. Lora Pennell
Dr. Simon Yakopson &
Ms. Valentina Perlin
Ms. Amanda Pierce
Ms. Liza Plaster
In Honor of Becky Stevens and
Hope Surpris
Ms. Ingrid Popp
Mr. and Mrs. David Pullen
Ms. Faith Race
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Raines
Ms. Virginia Reid and Mr. Rick Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Faud Rihani
Ms. Deena Rizkalla
Mrs. Melinda Roane
In Memory of Jim E. Roane
Ms. Karen Robertson-Smith
Mr. Wayne Robinette
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Rozea
Mr. David Sawyer
Ms. Sherry Schlagenhauf
Ms. Linda Scholes
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton H. Smith
Ms. Susan Smith Morgan
Mr. Joe Sommerich
Ms. Stephanie Spainhour
Lynn & JoAnn Spees
Ms. Sara Stoddard
Ms. Kailey Stodden
Mr. Tyson Striley
Ms. Hope Surpris
Mr. Rick Taylor
Ms. Tara Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. John Tippett
Mr. John Tosco
In Honor of John Parham
Ms. Constance Trikoukas Tosky
Ms. Sallie Townsend
Ms. Kaitlyn Triplett
Ms. Anna Tschiegg
Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Turner
Mrs. Kelley Turner
Ms. Richard van der Kraan
In Honor of Stephen Taperek
Ms. Renee Vaughn
Ms. Liz Vincent
Ms. Lorissa Vines
Mr. William Waldron
Mrs. Lynn Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward
Mrs. Jane Weaver Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. West, Jr.
In Honor of Rev. Marietta Smith
Ms. Anne Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williams
Mr. Dave Clark and Ms. Susan Wilson
In Honor of Earl Anderson
Mr. Harold Winnell
In Honor of Greg Knight
Ms. Kathy Winters
Mr. David Wortman