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2019-2020 Season Sponsors

Corporate support has always been and will continue to be the backbone of our success. We would like to thank all our corporate sponsors for their support. For more information contact our staff or use the donation button below!

2017-2018 Annual Fund Contributions

President's Circle

David Cohen Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Mr. David K. Millholland
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Neilly
North Carolina Community Foundation, Inc.
United Arts Council Of Catawba County


Alex Lee  
Catawba Valley Medical Center  
City Of Hickory  
Corning Incorporated Foundation  
Kulynych Family Foundation   
North Carolina Community Foundation  
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Shuford  
Von Drehle Corporation  

Golden Baton

Ashe County Arts Council  
Alleghany County Education Foundation Inc  Beaver Family Foundation  
Burke County Public Schools  
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Freiman  
Hickory Public Schools  
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Kiser  
Lenoir-Rhyne University  
Suzanne G Millholland Trust  
Von Drehle Corporation  
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Young  
Tom Warlick  
Western Piedmont Community College

Conductor's Circle

The Bolick Foundation  
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd L. George  
Broyhill Foundation  
City of Newton  
The Honorable and Mrs. Forrest Ferrell  
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Foster  
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grell  
HSM Solutions  
Lincoln County Schools  


Abernethy Charitable Trust  
Dr. Brian Adair  
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Aiello  
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Boudreault  
Caldwell Arts Council  
Dr. and Mrs. George Clay  
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Filip  
First Citizens Bank  
Mr. and Mrs Paul Fogleman  
Dr. and Mrs. Ed Gerrard  
Mr. Daniel Green, Jr.  
Hambrick Memorial Foundation  
Hickory International Council  
Mr. Ben Hill & Dr. Martha Hill  
Mr. and Mrs. David Lail  
Drs. Gary and Karen McDougal  
Dr. and Mrs. Kelly Meir  
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Nelson  
Dr. Alexander W. Ritchie  
Robert Abbey  
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Robinson  
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Ross  
Charlie and Mickey Shuford  
Shurtape Technologies  
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Stevens  
Stevens Family Foundation  
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stone  
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tarlton  
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Tosky  
The Underdown Family Foundation  
Ms. Madeline Walle  
Ms. Madeline Walle - In Honor of John G. Ross
Mr. Kenneth D Wilkinson & Mr. Allen Wood  


Dr. and Mrs. David W. Branyon  
Cargo Transporters  
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Chatham  
Countryside Pet Hospital  
Mr. Bill Davis  
Fairfield Chair  
Mr. and Mrs. John Francis  
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Geitner  
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Glasheen  
Mr. J. Woodrow Harris  
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Isenhour  
Ms. Ingrid Keller  
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lael  
Mr. and Mrs. David Looper  
Ms. Lucy McCarl In Honor of John G. Ross
Mitchell Gold Furniture  
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Ross  
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Smith  
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Trick  
Mr. and Mrs. Jack West  


Mr. Leonard Allman  
Mr. Edward Beard  
Mr. Jeff Behmer & Mrs. Angela Beaver Simmons   
Ms. Sally Blackwelder  
Catawba Paper Box  
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cartee  
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cline, III  
Mr. W. Gerald Cochran  
Mr. Arnold Cogswell  
Mr. and Mrs. David Cook  
Ms. Joyce Corbett  
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Cotton  
Davidson, Holland, Whitesell & Co.  
Mr. Venkatarama Donepudi  
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cumming  
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Eller In Honor of David Kirby, In Honor of John G. Ross
Dr. and Mrs. Hector Esteban  
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Erikson  
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Filip  
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gentile  
Mr. and Mrs. James Graeber  
Dr. and Mrs. Coke S. Gunter   
Mr. Tony Hanson & Ms. Catherine Hunsucker  
Ms. Jane Hunsucker  
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ivester  
Mr. and Mrs. Todd L'Amoreaux  
Mr. and Mrs. William Lawing  
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Lawson  
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Livingston  
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Momier In Honor of Marjorie McDaniel
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Nigrelli  
Ms. Henrietta Ouzts  
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Paul  
Mrs. Katharyn Portwood  
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Raines  
Mr. Spence Robertson  
Ms. Carol Schuele Robinson  
Dr. and Mrs. James Salisbury  
Dr. and Mrs. Werner F. Schulz  
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shields  
Ms. Pauline Shook  
Ms. Mary E. Snooks In Honor of John G. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Straw  
Mr. and Mrs. David Walker  
Ms. Nancy Wilfong In Memory of Bob and Judy Pierce
Ms. Nancy Wilfong  
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Young, Sr.  


Mr. Charles Adair  
Ms. Nancy Allured  
Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson  
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Arnold  
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Barnes  
Ms. Mary Bass  
Bass-Smith Funeral Home  
Mr. and Mrs. John Bates  
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Bechtel  
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Blubaugh  
Mr. G. David Bluhm  
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Boatwright  
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Bolick  
Mr. and Mrs. David Boone  
Ms. Sue Bormuth In Honor of Allison Bormuth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brisben  
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bullins  
Dr. and Mrs. TW Brooks, III  
Mr. Robert Campbell  
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell  
Dr. and Mrs. Paul V. Caporossi  
Mr. Edmund Cionek & Ms. Patti Wyss  
Ms. Dona Chevrette  
Ms. Nancy Cook  
Mrs. Bari S. Cooper In Memory of David T. Cooper
W.M. Cramer Lumber Company  
Mrs. Mary Danielson  
Ms. Katie Dejarnette & Mr. Lynn Nash  
Ms. Margaret C. Edwards  
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Eller  
Ms. Karen Fulwiler In Memory of James Saunders
G.E. Foundation  
Ms. Ann H. Gaither  
Mr. and Mrs. David Gentry  
Dr. and Mrs. David Hardaway  
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hart, III  
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Hilton  
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Hughes  
Mr. Michael Jenkins and Ms. Tricia Hayes   
Mr. Wallace Johnson  
Mr. Keith Johnson  
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Knecht  
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kramer  
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Lail  
Mr. and Mrs. William Lawson  
Ms. Johnnie Leagon  
Ms. Betty Long In Honor of John G. Ross
Ms. Virginia Long In Memory of James Saunders
Ms. Laura Luckadoo  
Dr. and Mrs. Gregg Marland  
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Mauney  
Ms. Lucy McCarl  
Ms. Marjorie S. McDaniel  
Dr. and Mrs. Mark McGinnis  
Ms. Elsie Meek  
Mr. John T. Mills  
Montessori at Sandy Ford  
Rev. and Mrs. Cliff Moone  
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Moore In Honor of John G. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. George A Moretz  
Dr. and Mrs. Kirk Murdock  
Ms. Catherine Norris In Memory of Jeff L. Norris
Mrs. Margie Owsley  
Mr. Emmett Paradine  
Mr. Terry Platt  
Mr. and Mrs. William Pleasant  
Ms. Betty Powell In Memory of James Saunders
Ms. Frances G. Raney  
Mr. and Mrs. Rhys Samuel  
Mr. Robert J. Sauer  
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Seaver In Honor of John G. Ross
Ms. Meg Spivey In Honor of John G. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton H. Smith  
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Smith  
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Smith  
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith In Honor of John G. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith  
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snipes  
Ms. Mary E. Snooks  
Mr. and Mrs. David Sparks  
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Spees  
Ms. Loretta Stephenson  
Dr. and Mrs. William Straka, DDS, PA  
Ms. CD Stroup, III  
Ms. Liz Vincent  
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Vollinger  
Mr. and Mrs. David Walker  
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warmuth  
Wells Fargo Community Support / United Way Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dale Williams In Memory of James Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wyly  


Mrs. Nancy G. Allured  
Mr. W. Mitchell Batson  
Ms. Elma Jean Beatty  
Mr. Leslie Bird  
Ms. Sue Bormuth  
Mr. and Mrs. James Brownell  
Ms. Ramona Bullock  
Mr. Douglas Burton  
Mr. Bruce Carmichael  
Dr. and Mrs. George Clay In Memory of James Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Joab Cotton  
Ms. Dorothy Darsie In Honor of Stephen Darsie
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Devlin  
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dockery In Memory of James Saunders
Ms. Terri Duckett  
Ms. Michele Francois  
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frank  
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gachet  
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Griffin  
Dr. and Mrs. James Hodges  
Mrs. Helena Hoyle  
Ms. Angie Kong  
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Laimon  
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lauzier  
Ms. Alyssa Lowe  
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Lucas, Jr.  
Mr. Andrew Mackey  
Mr. and Mrs. James Martin In Memory of James Saunders
Ms. Marjorie S. McDaniel In Memory of Michael McDaniel
Mr. Barron Monroe  
Ms. Jane Murphy  
Network For Good  
Ms. Anita Norris  
Ms. Julie Owens  
Mr. Jairo Pereira  
Ms. Liza Plaster  
Mr. Edward Plyler  
Ms. Helen Reed  
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Reid  
Mrs. Virginia and Miss Casey Reid In Honor of John Williams Hudzietz
Mr. and Mrs. James Roane  
Mr. Carl Rocco  
Ms. Susan Roddey  
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin W. Rose  
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Ross  
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Scott In Memory of James Saunders
Ms. Melissa Shronce  
Mr. Samuel Shumate  
Rev. and Mrs. Harold Skinner  
Ms. Rebecca Simpson  
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stone In Memory of James Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. John Tippett  
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Walters  
Ms. Anne Williams  
Mrs. Caroline Windham  
Ms. Elaine Zerden